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An essential story element: conflict

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Let's face it, DayZ doesn't inherently provide conflict. It's too easy. The zombies are a joke, and once you know your way around a bit it's easy to find food even with persistence on and all the loot stripped bare. Even in the mod back in the day, it's always been pretty darn easy to survive. It's the players that provide DayZ's conflict. In public servers this is taken to an extreme. Almost everyone you meet will try to kill you with earnest.

You guys have turned that around. As a community you can actually walk around NWAF when a LOT of other people are there and have no fear of being shot. While the ability to actually interact with others is this communities greatest strength, I feel as though it's also crippled the basic story telling element of conflict. At least it has on a baseline level.

It has become necessary to create it in this community. I think that's why a lot of new members try to dive into banditry much to the dismay of the older members here. The new members are struggling to create any kind of conflict, since there's no system in place to create it for them anymore.

I'm a new member myself. The only advantage I have is that I've been RPing in some form or another my whole life. I know the inherent shallowness of a random robbery, so I've not bothered with it. I've come up with my characters own conflict, one that forces me to speak peacefully with as many people as I can. But after several days of roaming the map asking questions, the scariest thing I've encountered was a bloodless vehicle robbery. There wasn't even an initiation, and it didn't even happen to me. Just some guy hopped in someone elses vehicle and sped off (as fast as they could in a V3S that is...).

So first I want to ask the community, particularly the experienced members, what do you do to create tangible conflict in this community? Do you join groups and go to war with one another? Do you create rivalries and play them out? I want to know how you guys do it in as much detail as possible.

Or am I totally off base? Would this community's ideal be sitting around a campfire swapping stories? (so far this is all I've seen).

As a final note, for those of you still reading, I have some ideas for creating more tangible conflicts but it's going to require other people. I've only really spoken to you guys IC in game so far. But to really make some engaging stories, wrought with conflict, It'd be useful to make some OOC connections too. If you're interested, chime in. I play on S2.

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OP's Paragraphs

I'm new myself and with the rules in place it does seem like you mostly sit around a campfire. Agree with "surviving" and "zombies" are both a joke. It's pretty hard to create content in my opinion.. don't go the crazy deranged route, people look down upon it. Same with random pointless robberies (i've done a few but didn't take anything just because saying "hi" gets a bit old) Not sure what to do with my character at this point.

I'd like to have suggestions other than "surviving" (cause that's easy and a joke) and same with killing zombies (boring.) Telling stories and role playing is fun and fine .. but there comes a point when enough is enough.

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I have a great time telling stories and I also have a great time getting shot at. It's a delicate balance. We really need to have more zombies to help with the survival aspect.

Well sure, but that's not the question. The whole point of RP is to create story, and conflict is an essential basic element of that. I really want to know how people meet that need. You say you have a great time getting shot at, but who is shooting at you? Random people at random times? That's against the rules. Or are you getting shot at within the bounds of the rules? If so, how are you ending up in those circumstances?

In my experience, I peacefully approach every single person I see, which is a lot, often with my weapons put away. Frankly so far I've been bandit bait. No one is doing anything.

I'm trying to "tell a story" of a worried survivor in search of a lost girlfriend, struggling against horrible odds in his desperation. So far that's amounted to a countryside of comfortable people camping and casually scavenging and trading.

See what I mean? How do you put conflict and danger into your stories.

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  • Emerald


Telling stories and role playing is fun and fine .. but there comes a point when enough is enough.

Why are you in this community?

To roleplay...

To tell stories...

To create a story for your caracther, to make it something special, to find his own way out of the current situation of South Sagoria.

When it's enough for you, you can just go to a public server and have fun shooting.

But here, here it's different.

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  • Sapphire

It'll come. When groups get established and tags become available for them, conflict will be inevitable.

I haven't been around for a while and from playing a short amount of time on the new SA server it seems as though it's still in a settling stage. Once camps become regular feature they will attract mass initiations and the conflict you crave.

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Just play and you will get into a conflict sooner or later.

It can be conflict as in you being a part of a random group (official or unofficial) and you meet someone that has been hostile to you (or that you have been hostile to) in the past. Maybe conflict will arise just from your presence on some territory, some people feel threatened by vast amount of unknown people.

Which brings me to second one, be part of a community, set camp in a village or in a city pub or a church (as those two are most crowded both in RL and IG), decide that you don't want unknown people there, or keep an eye on bandits that roam through the camp or around it, find someone stealing, find a RP reason to have a fight with them. Maybe your character doesn't like Russians or Westerners or something else and say them that, it can bring you to conflict or they will simply walk away.

Last but not the least, be active, trust me you can get in lot of trouble just for being in wrong place in a wrong time. You could get robbed for simply asking person A for food when person B is approaching and notices that person A is his enemy, normally he will automaticly be hostile to both of you as you are communicating with his enemy.

Trust me, conflicts can be fun, hell, most of the time they are, but meeting someone with an interesting story that will keep you glued to your chair for the next 5 hours is even better.

PS. don't just go around in hope of finding some good Rp, work on yours and give some good Rp back aswell.

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