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kick by invalid RP name

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You need a proper RP name. This is . If you do not follow this format you will be kicked from the server. The nickname is not needed, but the first and last are required every time you want to play on this server. Hope this clears everything up.

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  • Sapphire

do you think micvic is a valid roleplaying name?

A valid roleplaying name is something like "John Smith" or "Vladimir Petrenko" not micvic

You need both a realistic first and last name and you cannot use any famous people.

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  • Sapphire

Micvic is not a good character name. You need to have a valid RP name (first name & second name)

Please, refer to this thread for explanation


Change your ingame name into something that meets our standards and you shouldn't be kicked out anymore (also, no famous names)


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  • Sapphire

In game

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  • Sapphire

do I have to change my name in here ore is it ok only to change it in the game ?

You only have to change it in-game :)

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