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Hello, Artoym here

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Hey there. Name's Artoym.

What's that? This? This is my camera friend, no need to worry - I'm just a photographer. I've covered quite a few wars you know! Georgia, Afghanistan, Libya, you name it, I'm there. Came to Chernarus to see what was going on - didn't expect my working visa to be permanent.

Enough about me though! How are you? Good? Good. Tired? Yeah I bet.

Mind if I tag along for a bit? I'd love to hear about your travels. I might even write about it, is that neat or what? Means even after you're gone, people will still be able to hear all about you - that's neat as hell.

Mind if I take your photo? Means people can see you as well, yeah?

Hey no problem! So where are we headed?

Nah I don't mind.

Just glad to be here.

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Hello Artyom, you seem a bit curious. You appear to have many questions.

If you need anything answered im your guy :)

I hope you will enjoy it here in this community!

See you around the forums, and good luck with your whitelist!

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Mr Mellstrom is always faster than me *grrrr* :D

Welcome buddy enjoy your stay


From now on you will always have to refer to me as Mr Mellstrom...

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