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Help with videos, intros, channel art and such.


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  • Emerald

So Im starting to get the hang of making videos for youtube and twitch, im streaming pretty regularly lately and starting to gain a few viewers and good feedback, my goal is to create an ongoing series for youtube as well as streaming whenever I can.

I first got into RPing after binge watching a whole DayZRP series on youtube and I have been hooked ever since, the only thing holding me back was my old stale character, it was a good character but not so fun to RP, atleast not as a noob, I feel I am getting a bit better, atleast enough to start making some videos.

I am fairly decent with photoshop and such but time constraints and mediocre skills are holding me a bit back, so I am looking for tips, help or contributions of any kind, anyone interested in helping me in any way are more than welcome to do so.

Heres a small list of what I am looking for outside of tips and tricks

  1. Channel art, header and profile image and similar
  2. Intro and outro for youtube videos
  3. Intro and outro music
  4. Logo
  5. Other streamers to collaborate with

Any revenue generated will be shared with those who pitch in, when and if there is any, Ill also gladly host other streamers when im not streaming myself regardless of contribution, help me help you and vice versa =)

Im also considering creating a RP oriented group and settling in a base in cherno, the base will be a trading/rp/haven for folks who wants to come in and have some comical relief and RP with other like minded people.

For a series I am looking for others to collaborate with to create interesting situations for us to RP ingame.

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  • Emerald

/moving to Off-Topic

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  • Emerald

Thanks, I was unsure about which forum to post in =)

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To be honest all of things you list such as logos, intro music etc really doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things. I'd say that streaming is the way to go right now, YouTube is harder and takes a lot more time.

If you simply streamed often and then uploaded short little highlights to YouTube with minimal editing of the best bits then I'd say you could gain a good following from that. Make sure on YouTube to keep your content short. I'm more likely to commit to watching a 3 minute video of someone unknown than to even think of clicking on a half an hour video.

Given that you're just starting up I would look to adopt a better username to keep consistency across your YouTube and Twitch, you only have 2 subscribers on YouTube and 20 follows on Twitch so if you're looking to do this more often then now is the time to make that change and gain an identity.

Having an identity first and foremost will help logo making and audience relation to you. Also consistency in all aspects make you more searchable and it just looks better.

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  • Emerald

True, I wanted to change my twitch username but I cant =/ and I don't want to go through the hassle of making a new twitch user, I would probably just loose followers =/

Thanks for the input =) you made some valid points

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