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waking up in the land of chernaurus

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My name is Arnold Schwars i cant remember exactly where i come from, or if thats even my real name. i woke up in a city named gorka in the land of chernaurus. there was obviusly something wrong with me, i woke up in a hospital bed, hooked up to all kinds of machines, but even now i cant really figure out why i was there, i dont feel sick, ill or anything. im fine, just confused. i have learnt that i shouldnt talk about this to other people, bandits seem to use it against me and pretends to be my old friend from before this started, just to trick me into a trap and take everything i have. from this i have learnt not to trust people, only myself, i rarely even take contact with people myself, stick to the shadows as they say. because if that real friend comes along and i wont be able to trust him, i believe it would make quite an interesting scene. i have had suicidal thoughts through out the years. but something keeps me alive, some kinds of hope deep inside of me, that there is something more to it than just man eating people, maybe there's a.. chance

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I like the story, reminds me of 28 days later :D

But try to use a bit better punctuation, split it into easily readable sentences and such :)

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