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Dr. Pete Julian

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hnggh... where to begin? The NSA asked the University to send a team of scientists to ground zero to learn more about this little infectious bug that was causing the Ruskies quite a bit of trouble. They sent three egg-head microbiologist for that. The NSA asked for one more thing thoguh, me.

You see, before the infection there was development of a new underground fusion reactor plant that was planned to generate clean energy through fusion reactions. They needed me because the device they were using to ionize hydrogen was based off my designs. My mission was to keep an eye on all the essential components to make sure they did not get damaged from chaos caused by the infection.

I can still remember sitting in the helicopter and thinking to myself, these guys won't last a day in the field. Believe me when I tell you, these guys looked softer than marshmallows. No way were they ready for what lied ahead. But then again, None of us were.

Crash!!! pieces of debris come flying off the helicopter. Bells and whistles start going off everywhere. One of The biologists is screeching loudly while the other two sit in a stunned stupor while the hue of their faces turn a ghastly white. The ground, I see it now, its rapidly approaching. I brace myself for impact and then... Darkness.

When I come to, I'm In a military tent being bandaged by a field medic. When I ask about my colleagues she points over to the other side of the tent. There, I see screecher with a blanket draped over him. She tells me the other two have died. One on impact, the other a few minutes after.

They tell me the Plant isn't far from the camp, about a day's journey. I decided to go alone. The men and woman at that camp were already spread too thin. They packed me some supplies and sent me in the right direction.

I arrived at the site of the plant only to find a crater full of rubble. the chaos must have caused large amounts of seismic activity that the plant was not designed to withstand. I decided that I should make camp for the night and report back to the camp the next day.

After resting I journeyed back to the camp. From the distance I saw smoke which I assumed was from signal fires. As I approached, The scene was much more frightening. The people of the camp were now unresponsive and ghoulish in nature. I remembered what they said about beaingslike this in the briefing room. KEEP YOUR DISTANCE DO NOT APPROACH. So I left. The only thing left to do was to grab whatever supplies I could and delve into the Russian woods. Day after day, wandering, observing, and keeping my eye on the horizon for any glimmer of hope i can grasp on to.

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