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Hello mates,

i was a big DayZ fan until a half year ago, but got so frustrated about it. I played DayZ for its survival factors and the interaction with other players. The only thing I found in Chernaurus were a lot of maniacs with a nervous trigger finger, if you know what I mean.

I hope to find in this community the DayZ, I ever wanted to experience. The real feeling of a zoombie apocalypse, where I find another people, who survive on their own way. Where I experience all kind of different things, from bad to good things. Like a story. And with death my death one story ends and a next completely different one is just getting started.

I'm not whitlisted at the moment, but I hope that I can join you all soon.

Have a good night!

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Welcome Marisizyk,

It seems like you joined for the very same reasons I didn over 1 year ago and I can tell you I was not disappointed with what DayZRP had to offer. Good Luck with the Whitelist

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