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Connor McIntyre

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Connor worked all his life to achieve something so simple... stability. Growing up in the run-down areas of Scotland he'd never known true comfort or quality of life, just a gnawing dissatisfaction with the way things were and the way he could see how things were going to be. Orphaned at just 6 years old, he'd spent childhood in and out of bad foster homes and twisted state homes, so he learned how to take care of himself at a young age. He was tough, and knew exactly how to give back just as much as he got, saving himself from a lot of difficult and violent situations that he always ended up in despite his better sense of judgement. All the way through, from boy to man, he saw the worst of human nature but these things always stuck in his mind, Fighting back and that one crucial thing that he knew he was missing and was trying to grasp... stability.

He needed out. The realisation slapped him in the face one day and left a bruised welt on his mind one day not long after his 25th birthday. He took all the money he had, and fled to eastern europe, a tiny country called Chernarus. A beautiful country that he'd once read about in a big book he'd cherished from a young age about countries of the world. It struck him with it's natural beauty and sense of freedom that he thirsted for, a country with rolling hills and fields to remind him of the better parts of Scotland. There he lived with an ever increasing happy outlook on life. Things were going from leaps to bounds in the search for that simple thing he had always been looking for, he had a steady job and a few new friends to keep his spirits up... things had never looked better. Then, something happened to take it all away again.

The apocalypse struck and ripped the carpet out from underneath the previously stable country. Everything fell away too quickly to take hold of the situation, and everything was just... over. There was Connor, a foreigner in the middle of a strange new country, with the world crumbling around him. Zombies? Who would have expected this to happen outside one of those cheap b-lists everybody drools over.

Connor, taking stock of the situation, realised even though he'd lost his stability, he was going to hold on to the one thing he had left, he was going to fight back. As hard as he could.

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Not bad!

Keep it up man, certainly a more original story which is nice to see

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