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No mic in game


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Yeah, you can use text rp ingame. Many people in the community use text rp over actually using a mic ;) I actually didn't use a mic for the first month or so of playing DayZRP, although it wasn't because I didn't have a mic, I was just a little nervous to speak :D You got any other questions regarding the community or whitelist?

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/moving to questions

Yeah you can get accepted without a mic.

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I would HIGHLY suggest having a mic plugged in though, as without one sometimes DayZ bugs out and you cannot hear others speaking which might lead to some very bad situations

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Yes you can play this without a mic. It will be impossible for you to talk and do other things at the same time, though. Cause you have to type.. Imagine zombies chasing you and someone starts shouting at you. You can't talk/shout back, cause you'll have to type.. But you can't stop and type cause zombies chase you.. These kind of issues you know?

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You would be accepted if you would not use a mic! but as tamaster and a lot of us are stating! it helps out so much! then again, you can always use text RP :)

Hope it helps out!

Marked as solved.

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