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RP Sync? How well is it done here? :D

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You know, what I mean by sync is how well and detailed a person describes the action he is doing at that moment. Instead of creating nice and well designed messages do people just say what they are doing straight away? or none at all, do they just do it?

I think the community here has the sense of serious roleplaying, and I really hope to roleplay with some nice people who are able to describe what they are doing maybe in a explanatory text message like:

-pulls out a rusty old blade from his dirty boots and starts taking small steps towards the man as an evil grin appears on his face.-

Things like that you get what I mean. I've been roleplaying on a few serious RP servers on Garry's Mod and there you had to use a /me command to do this. One should describe the action so well that the person reading it will kind of imagine the same thing that he did so they will sync well. :D

I'm new around here, while waiting for my application to get accepted I wanted to drop in and see what you guys think about this topic :)

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  • MVP

There is a mix. Some people are very straight forward while others who are more used to text RP tend to really stretch out their emotes/actions. People have many different ways of doing it around here.

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  • Sapphire

There are a lot of people who like to emote what they are doing in chat, not a huge population of the players do it often, but a lot of the text RPers do it so you can find people like that on here... I don't find myself doing it too often though, I just like to play the game to be honest, and emoting everything I do isn't really my thing.

Anyways, good luck with your application and if you need anything don't be afraid to ask! :)

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  • Titanium

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Guest DeadPlaya

I do it when I have time.If I'm campfire RP-ing sure , I emote everything. During a firefight I tend to not emote anything at all but there's the ocasional *pulls the pin of the grenade and throws it through the open window*

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  • Sapphire

I usually use these kind of motions when I want to emphasize on something which I can't show directly through the game. Your "takes rusty knife out of his left boot" is a good example. Other people tend to do things like *spits on "person name"'s boots* during an aggressive sisituation in order to start a quarrel.

It is definitely encouraged to use chat to bring more detail into the game and everybody's role play experience.

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Dear spoof,

First, welcome to the community, you sound like a great person, so i hope you get accepted. Many people use RP Sync, some of them don't. It really depends who you RP with and how far the want to go with there RP. You will find out for yourself, but i hope you will get a fruitfell experience and hopefully you don't mind giving feedback to the player how the can improve there RP.

Marking this topic as solved. but feel free to keep chatting here :)

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