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Is there anybody out there?

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They call me Doc. Not because I am a doctor, but before The Collapse I sold medical equipment. There's not many Doctor's left now - most of them got turned early during the infection, so I guess Doc will do. I know how to insert an IV, and compress a wound, and how to stop bleeding. That's about it really. One of these days I'm sure I might find some painkillers or antibiotics that work, but most of them seem to have little effect on victims of the infection. I've been alone for a long time now - sometimes you meet some other survivors that don't react with instant hostility, but it's rare. I've heard of a place where people still live by the old rules, where life is valued, where some form of decency prevails... and where whatever Law there is, it's not the law of the gun. If that place is real, if it exists, well... I hope I find it - and can call it home.

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Welcome to our little community I hope you enjoy it here,

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