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What are the rules on cannibalism?

Guest Xenolian

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Cannibalism is only allowed under extreme circumstances. For example, you are dying of hunger and you wont make it to the closest apple tree,town,berrybush etc.

You were in a firefight and killed a man. you will then be allowed to gut them, but only if you have an IG reason for it.

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Simple. Follow the rules :)

You can act as a cannibal if you RP it well but you are never allowed to kill to eat someone, or force someone to do something that may permanently effect their character.

Personally though as a newcomer here I would suggest waiting and playing a normal person for a while first, learn how it all works IG then use that knowledge to be able to RP as a good cannibal without breaking or skirting any rules.

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/moving to questions

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What would be the reason for you being a Cannibal? Look at the story for your character first and then the lore, then ask yourself, does it fit. There are still misunderstandings on how long we have had the infection, so make sure you are up to speed to begin with before deciding what you are to play.

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Like Grihm suggested, since the infection has been around for a few months, why would your character resort to cannibalism ? What is his story to do such a thing

Im planning to be a cannibal and would like to not be reported for rdm so how can i eat people without it being rdm

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I will perhaps say something that many people will approve of and many people may resent. I suggest that you do not become a cannibal to begin with.

Firstly it is a difficult concept to RP properly. It is not just something you can half - ass. Aditionally the server already has an extremely high preponderance of cannibals, many of which are not exactly fantastically role played out.

Playing a cannibal as well as being harder is much more difficult considering the many restrictions that are placed on doing so.

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Dear Xenolian, hope the answers are sufficient and it will help you out!

If you have any questions, why dont you come on TS3 and talk to our members and staff. We don't mind helping you out.

If you have any questions, don't be afraid to leave a message here but for now!

// Marked as solved

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