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Hey guys!

It's been like 2 weeks since I made my application and still no reply? is this normal or have I just been forgotten :D


What place are you in queue, if it says?

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I'm not sure, how do I check?

If you look at the bottom of the whitelist page if you are in queue you should see a few numbers formatted like this: 13/100 (just an example).

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If there are no numbers then you haven't been selected and you need to reapply. I applied today and was 19/100 and was accepted within an hour.

make sure you really spend a lot of time on your application otherwise you're wasting your time, I pretty much tried to double the word count required for everything to make it good :)

Good luck if you reapply!!

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It appears like your first attempt was not accepted. It should have had a cool down timer of 24 hours before you could resubmit another application. After this cool down is completed the form will reset for you. If you didn't check that page, I am suspecting this is what happened in your case.

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