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BadRP/False Execution - Temper

Guest Temper

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post):


Why the verdict is not fair:

Well, short and simple. I don't really get why I got the same punishment as Artz as I clearly even told him OOCly on TS to not kill him, even ICly several times.Skip to

7:48 and you will hear me saying OOCly "Don't kill him mark".

8:20 even sayign "We are not trying to kill you, sir." Means I had no plans in killing him.

8:35 I told him OOCly once again to not kill him.


So to be honest, if you watched the video carefully you could understand that I was not tented to kill that guy, hence why I don't really feel like I deserve that big of a ban. But I have no idea how your ban and punishment system work on this server but as far as I can see I feel like getting the same punishment is rather unfair as I can't really control him killing a dude or not even after stating "Do not kill him." both ICly and OOCly.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:

I basically explained it on the section over. I was in the situation, indeed. I was helping Artz out to cuff him and do whatever, but I never wished a death on him. And I am sorry that it turned out like that.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal:

I'm not here to get unbanned or whatever, but just to prove that I was not into killing that player, but was rather cough up in Artz act and got the same punishment as he did, what I see is unfair. I don't even know if you guys reduce temp ban's or not. I am willing to take my ban, just to state that. But if I could get my ban reduced I would be more than happy. And I would love to get a explanation why I got the same punishment as I clearly showed that I did not want to kill that guy.

What could you have done better?:

Attempt to be more clear and say it several times to not kill the person? As you can see in the video it was hard for me to stop the killing as it happened that fast, and if you listen one more time on the video whenever the killing happened you can even hear me talking to somebody OOCly and not paying attention to the scene. (As my mom came into the room and asked if I needed anything at the store, so I basically turned my head and talked with her as the shooting was going on.) Hard to prove it but you can hear a female voice in the background and me talking in a different language. At 10:24 you are able to hear the female voice.(Norwegian.)

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Markus Jensen

-Guilty Of Bad RP-


Random Death Match:

Within the event, we can see in both your recording that you where in fact not the shooter in this event. Within this community we only punish RDM if you are the shooter and do not hold responsible those who where part of the hostile group, only the shooter shall get the punishment. So, due on that evidence it is clear you are not guilty of RDM.

Bad RP:

However, within the entire situation of having a hostage you initiated on someone with holding your motives believing if he was the shooter, you did not ID your target and where randomly taking hostage people that came within the area. All the time within the robbery you told him to shut up and didn't try and progress the RP and give a storyline for both of you to grow on. Remember, Role-play is a two way highway and you must always take in consideration the other persons entertainment, especially when you are playing a bandity game-play.

Upon that we have decided to give you a Standard Bad RP punishment.


Points stay

Ban reduction to 3 Days.

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