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Since KOS and executing people if they comply is illegal,doesn't it make sense to remove the rule to execute proved cannibals because they probably ate humans when people commited suicide for them to eat them or they killed a guy who robbed him before(highly unlikely) PLUS if a cannibal holds a person and say that they want to eat them,the hostage would probably comply because the cannibal can't execute him

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Firstly there are no rules saying people can execute cannibals just for being cannibals, a cannibal is just like any other player and therefore should be treated as such. (IE) All normal kos rules and compliance rules should be followed. Anyone caught killing themselves so cannibals can eat them are breaking the no value for life rule. For that they will be punished for that rule break accordingly.

Lastly cannibals cannot initiate and kill a person for the sole reason of eating them.

So in your last point yes i would have to agree with you people will probably comply, but it would be for the reason of experiencing the aggressors role play.

-Edit- I forgot to point out that the only time you can initiate on a person and potentially kill them for food, is when you are on deaths doorstep and are near death from starving. But in my opinion you should be robbing that person for their food not their flesh.

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Executions require VERY good IC reasons for doing so which includes previous role play between the persons, history between them so to speak. There is no rule allowing people to explicitly execute cannibals.

I do not believe that people can or should go off the game mechanic symptoms as their solid proof for executing a cannibal. Laughter, crying and also twitching can easily be explained away with very good reasons and are also symptoms for many other things.

Really unless they can have someone fully diagnose the symptoms as caused by eating human flesh or have seen them actually carving up a human or the cannibal admitting to it, I do not know how people can think they have solid proof of a person being a cannibal.

Thats just my point of view on the matter.

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