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Guest und3adwarrior

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Guest und3adwarrior

Hey guys, I'd just discovered this server when googling private hives and I have to say this is looking really amazing! I have extremely high hopes for what this server can achieve and my whitelist app. is already sent in (Hoping for the best.) I'd never thought my rp chara would migrate to dayz, but this change is for the better! Just wanted to say hello and if anyone has any beginner tips specific to the server they'd be appreciated. :)

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Hey! Welcome to DayZRP!

Some little tips : never be alone! Always have someone to run with you / cover you. The land is dangerous and you may see bandits and you'll most probably see zombies (which are quite strong).

If you want to join a clan, go to this page and look for clans that you'd be interested to join! If you can't find any clan that fits your interests, you can create one!

I wish you the best of the luck. If you ever need help, send me a PM on the forums! I'll be glad to help. :)

-Blue face

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