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Server issues?


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Whats wrong with both servers? I have played my first day on both and they constantly go down, everyone gets booted and the server restarts. But it doesnt actually restart, no new gear is spawned anyway, so what is the cause for these server wide "restarts"?

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These 'restarts' are actually the server crashing and a staff member manually restarting the server to fix it. Occasionally it is manually restarted to fix a specific issue (like invisible zombies) too. Due to a large array of reasons we sadly have many, many crashes quite frequently.

As for no new loot spawning on restarts, that is because our servers are currently running persistence. So restarts don't matter when it comes to loot spawning, all that matters is loot being taken from the ground. This forces new loot to spawn in the surrounding area.

I hope that helps explain it a little :)

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My pleasure, hope you enjoy playing here!


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