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Sorry if this is explained somewhere but I could not find it.

What does "WIP" mean? I see it a lot in Group-Names.

And how do you get the status "VIP" as Forum-Badge-thingy?

Thanks for answers! :)


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  • Emerald

wip-work in progress

vip is if people actually like your youtube videos

no lov 4 Prince :(

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  • Emerald

WIP = Work in Progress.

VIP is given to people who Rolle deems worthy of the badge. This has gone to either people of importance within DayZ (such as Hicks), or people who help promote the community (such as popular streamers).

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  • Titanium

WIP = Work In Progress

VIP = a4dbe400b9.png

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  • Emerald

Looks like the relevant information has been given to you. Acronyms are common here and there are many more.


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