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The Endgame Caravan

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I was stationed in Gorka, on the Admin staff... MCpl Adoma of 23 Medical Unit, I wasn't a medic or anything, just dealt with the logistics and supplies for our unit.

Had friends, had a girlfriend Yvanna, had a ring for her...don't have that ring now, survival over memories and all that. Survival, what a bitch of a word. It can mean different things to different people, I have seen what it means to some...bastards! When the civilians rioted I knew things were hopeless. Our medics couldn't stop the infected, let alone dealing with those who weren't!

Our unit was so well equipped, probably best equipment in the whole army, I like to think I helped with that...but there were just so many of them, just, so many...I wanted to run, I don't why I didn't. Staying there didn't help anything did it? Didn't help my friends, didn't help the people, didn't help Yvanna... But I couldn't leave, and I hate myself for talking her into staying, damned news! If only they were honest with us from the get go! Damned news, and damned me too...I guess we are all damned now, huh?

Have you seen your loved ones eyes after they have become infected? Their gnashing teeth mouthing empty words. The sound of an axe going through their flesh. The wet sound their body makes when it collapses...then the sound of silence ebbing as your heart and breathing dominate your entire spectrum of senses. You probably have...that's why I can't blame what those of us left have become. Grabbing and grasping for a past that will never come back, drowning our misery in indulgence of more of it...hoping that we become monstrous enough to stop remembering those sounds even if just for a moment.

That's when I found the only bit of salvation I could endure...My little shop, well, not even that really, my caravan. It's not much, and it's never nearly enough, but sometimes it is my only chance...whether that chance is for my death from the swarms of bandits who always take everything except my life, or a chance to find the peace I never knew I had when things were normal, it's a chance nonetheless.

My Endgame Caravan. Open for business.

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probably should be in the stories thread

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Haha...maybe, it is my first post, and truly is my introduction. I had read some other intro's and some of them RP their character as their hello. Was kinda just doing that.

First day here, and am just going through the forums now, there is a lot to go through!

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