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Serverwide Char Wipe


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I was just wondering if anyone actually heard something new about the incoming Character Wipe planned by the DayZ SA Devs?

Is there a official date? Anything? I haven't heard about it for a while. There were rumors saying that the devs would start doing a serverwide Wipe in the beginning of january 2015, but it seems like nothing really happened yet.

Sorry if something similiar has been posted allready.


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  • Sapphire

Yup, January is the last official thing they've said.

I could see it coming with the next stable patch, which should be on the last Wednesday of January.

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That's the point. My Character unfortunately died today after a long livingtime and i allready planned out to completly kill my Characters existence with my next death. So a wipe would be the perfect start for a new unique Character :)

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  • MVP

There is no official date but last I heard they wanted to do something late January, early February sort of time due to some duping bugs they have/are fixing.

Can't really give a solid answer other than that sorry!


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