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My story

Guest NemesisNL

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Guest NemesisNL

Hi there,

My name is Shane,

My life went Well..

2 children, a Beloved wife à house.

Decent income.

Working myself up the ladder as à scientist.

But then.. Things went down.

I can al remember so Well..

Diseased,flui spreading everywhere..

Mutations, monsters... These creatures..

I.. How the.. Didt this happen? What went wrong?

I remember driving home as fast as i can..

There she was.. My wife, my 2 little daughters.

F*CK!! WHY am i such à coward? How could i run?

We were hiding but then they came..those noises..DEVILS!!

Creatures,monsters! There is no word to describe them

They started hitting the Doors, glass was what i heard breaking.

My Daughter she was scared And ran out of the room..

They seen her.. They.. They seen her.... My wife wanten to rescue her,

No! dont! U cant! Thats al i screamed! These monsters seen her..

They started jumping on my wife...on my baby girl! They ripped her arms apart..

Like it was nothing! They grabt my wife, 7 of these monsters jumped on her back..

Yelling and screaming..SHANE!! Help!! But.. I couldnt.. I could not do anything.

Shut the door, and prayed.. Wasnt even halfway before these monsters started hitting the door, my seccond Daughter in panic..freaking out.. Even i didnt know what to do anymore.. Jump out the window..commit suïcide.. I didnt know..i acted..

Jumped out the window with my daughter.. We ran and we ran.. But they got her.. They jumped on her..they ate her..ripped her apart..WHY? Why? Didt this happen?

I am Shane.. This is my story..

I Will not..and hear me, NOT! Rest till they're all dead..i Will cure this disease, i will cure every single last one of you!

Hope you enjoyed Reading my story!

Written and made up by,


2000+hours of dayz,on the search for a rp server like this

When ever i get the chance to join, please write me

My appreciation for the community and the work and time spended in this server

Looking forward to join you guys

Shane out.

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  • MVP

Hello and welcome to the community. While you wait until your application is reviewed have a look around the forum as there is plenty to read and comment on. A good place to start is the Guide section.

Look forward to seeing you in the apocalypse.

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  • Sapphire

I'm sorry but al i could think of while reading this, was.... why does your text look like a slide :P

anyways, I wish you the best of luck and welcome to the comunity!

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Guest NemesisNL

I dont know what you mean with à slide levi.

Im from Holland, and al the english i know i teached myself,

Typing a story on iPhone isnt easy while auto-correction is correcting everything in dutch asswell

Anyways i do hope you enjoyed my story and wasnt à time waste anyways :)

Still..Many thanks for even Reading my story

Hope i am gonna be à part of your dayz lives soon

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  • Sapphire

you probibly cant see it from your phone... but a slide :Pkogee-slide.jpg

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Guest NemesisNL

Yea i can see the slide lol thats à Nice blue slide :) but i guess its just how you ?pronounce?(dunno if its spelled correctly) the lines......... Stop... U understand what i mean? Its a..... Just a stop

If i think what u mean with a slide

Its a story read like how ever you want to read it.

It will and always be and stay a story its just my roleplay story

Since u have to upload a post to let everybody know you're serious te join the server...

I'am not just a Guy.. I'am Shane.

As i write before if i could join of when there are applications to join.

And you want Shane to he a part of your dayz lives..

Tell me and i Will cure the disease i will help every single last one of you.

I Will revenge upon my family i will be your hero!


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