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Getting kicked for Invalid RP name

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(I hope this is where I'd post about this)

25 minutes ago I was kicked for invalid RP name (I didn't put the spaces between A-Widdle-Wabbit) so I put spaces (A Widdle Wabbit) and after 15 min of trying to get in, I get kicked again for invalid RP name.

Obviously this is a mistake so I'm just hoping someone sees this and can fix the cause of the kicks.

Thank you, in advanced.


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  • Titanium

You need to have a real name. Like John Jeltsin or something like that. A Widdle Wabbit sounds like something took from a cartoon.


Edit: http://www.dayzrp.com/t-ingame-names from this link you can see how it should look like.

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  • Emerald

No. You need a Valid First and Last name. IT cannot be a famous name.

John Tassie

Bill Jordanson

Rex Mannigton

Bill Bradson

Toplov Krashinski

^Valid names.

Little Rabbit

Big bear

Coy Tus

Cunna Lingus

Blowj Obbs

Ana L'Rape

Abe Lincoln

Elizabeth Windsor

Harry Windsor

Robert Burns

David Cameron

Mr. Giggles

Doctor Strangelove

Zombie Killers

Fuck you (people join with it i have pictures)

^^ ALL invalid names.


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