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Server time (UTC): 2021-10-19 18:28

donation skin won't activate?


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hi, i've donated and picked out a skin. followed rolle's advice, activated while disconnected etc, waited like 5 or 6 mins, logged in but no luck.

activated again after i finished playing yesterday, left it overnight, logged in today but still no change.

not a major deal to be honest, just wondering if there's something i'm doing wrong?

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Perhaps the system isn't recognising your in-game profile?

If you look under your avatar you can see: "Wrong/Empty PlayerID!" in the place of where it should pick up your Name and humanity through checking your GUID/PID.

I'm assuming the donation shop works in the same way, by applying it to the registered or linked GUID/PID. That said if you're able to play on the server you must have submitted the right GUID...

Not a solution I know, but maybe my opinion here may help in identifying and solving the problem :)

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yeah i triple-checked it was the correct PID before entering it.. i had wondered why it still says wrong/empty PID under my avatar too?

i had to give my PID to zoarial yesterday when i got blown up at the TP yesterday, so he could roll back all my gear etc. if it was the wrong PID he would have known then, right?

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Ermm, there is a space between PID numbers :P Logout and I'll change your Player ID to a correct one. Wait a sec and lets see if it helps.

EDIT : Try it now

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