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no food?

Guest Mak

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  • Emerald

There is plenty of food around.

If you are a newspawn, I got the following tips for you:

1. Find an apple tree and harvest a few apples.

2. Go inland, to smaller towns

3. Find an apple tree and harvest a few apples.

4. Find some canned food in the smaller towns.

5. Find an apple tree and harvest a few apples.

6. Find something to open the canned food with, preferably a can opener or screwdriver.

7. Did I mention apples are a great source of food?

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  • Emerald

/moving to questions

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  • MVP

If you are on the coast you will more than likely find nothing. The more inland that you travel the more that you find. Of course, I have no idea where you are so this may not apply to you. Take the advice for others. Look towards berry bushes and apple trees. Try hunting and fishing if you get a chance and if you get your hands on pumpkin seeds you are pretty much set.

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  • Titanium

If you spawn, dont stay at the coast. Run north and pick berries/apples on the way. There are little to no food at the coast. I hope these answers answered your question and good luck ingame.


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