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Hello, everybody!

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I'm completely new in DayZ SA and looking for good community to survive in Chernarus :-) I have some experience in FPS (BF, CoD etc) and in PotBS (Corsairs On-line).

I'm 37 old, Russian, but I live part time in Slovenia and mostly on my sailing boat in Med.sea and work as an sailing instructor ;-)

I'm open to new friendships and I would like to play with group of friendly mates. In game I would like to explore new locations, hunting, farming and surviving in all means of course. I'm "NO KOS" in my real life (in all means) and would like to continue this style in game.

So, that's my brief story and self-introducing. If anybody have questions - you are welcome!


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Hey man, welcome to the server! How is life on the sea?

If you got any questions, feel free to ask. Most people around here are very willing to help new players such as yourself.

Seeing as your new to the whole DayZ thing, I got a few links here for you that'll help you in-game and out of game. Here you go:

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Hey bud, welcome to the community!

If you have any questions or need any help, feel free to PM any of us staff members, join our Helpdesk on TS, or just ask around!

I'd also recommend you read this thread to help you with developing your character and their backstory.

Above all else, enjoy your time here!


The Rifleman

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Hi there and welcome to the community!

I hope you enjoy your time here :)

If you have any questions / problems, feel free to PM me or any other CH (orange staff member). You can also hop into the Helpdesk which is located in our Teamspeak ;)

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Thanks a lot to all! It's so kindly to meet here so warm community! It's the same with my sailing community ;-) That's why I'm here.

I'm on my way to deploying my character to life ;-) Reading tutorials and etc. So, will contact you if I'll be in doubt.


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Hello and welcome to the community. While you wait until your application is reviewed have a look around the forum as there is plenty to read and comment on. A good place to start is the Guide section.

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Good news for me =)


Your application has been accepted."

Thank you, friends!

I have to prepare myself and I'll start...

So, from the beginning:

I'm mid 30, re-tired Rescue Officer, so I know how to survive a little bit. I know basic medicine, First Aid actions etc. Because I participated in Red Cross mission in Kaukaz I know a little bit about weapons and actually can clean my gun, reload with ammo... but I never use guns for killing. I'm a little bit nervous about it because it was so long time ago... I still remember how to survive in a wild nature and prefer to stay out of big towns. My own house in Alps where I spend a lot of time with hunting and exploring surrounding areas.

My last job was a captain on a private yacht and I really love this job. I was really good professional master. I know how to control my crew and to how to give orders as I know how to execute it. We have a good crew and boat and life was perfect.

During last voyage me was heading to Chernorus when we was attacked by pirates and most part of our crew was murdered. Finally I managed to escape from the boat with three of my crew members. At the night, in cold water one of them drowned... It was very cold and I quickly lost consciousness. When I waked up I found my self on beach. Alone. Where are my crew - nobody knows.

Now, I trying to find my people and return to my home. Something wrong with this place and especially locals - one of them tried to bite me! Can anybody explain me what going on?!

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