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multiple users same ip address?


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I've been encouraging my girlfriend to join this community. However, we live together and obviously have the same ip. After perusing your ban appeal section I've noticed you've used ip addresses to prove multiple accounts cases. I don't want to end up in a sticky situation because of an ip address.

To be clear, she has her own steam id and dayz copy. It's just the forum account that has me worried.

how do two separate people in the same house avoid this issue?

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  • MVP

Just get in touch with an Admin (red forum name) and they will walk you through the process. It shouldn't be an issue as long as they know about it before she applies. They may ask both of you to come onto TS to prove you are different people. This kind of thing is a common occurrence for people who live together.

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  • Sapphire

From this thread:

PM Rolle, and include details as follows:

- Preferred username

- Email

- Temporary password

The second account on the same IP will then be made.

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  • Emerald

Come onto TS and speak to a Mod or higher to verify that you are two different people which are on the same IP. A note will be made of both accounts which you are on the same IP address.

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  • Titanium

Follow what people said above.


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