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Fastest reaction time!


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Thought I'd make one of these for a little bit of friendly competition.

LEADERBOARDS (lowest average):

Agald- 0.1534 (DAYUM)

Gekkis- 0.162

Anubian- 0.1636

Naatti- 0.1666

Livs- 0.1884

Kahmul- 0.1896

Sky- 0.1946

Murray- 0.1952

Tazoo- 0.1966

Seaweed Monster - 0.1966

Jamie- 0.1996

Rolle- 0.2276

Updated 2/3/13 10:54 AEST

It's pretty simple, you go here and try and get the best average time you can. I probably did about 10 runs total; I was really rusty at first, but I managed to get some sharper, more consistent times in the later runs.

Lowest average:


Most consistent average:


If this is something that people get into, I'll do up a leader board to rank everyone against eachother. No cheating please, this is just for fun :)

Edit: Found one I did years ago, probably around 2008. I must be getting old :(


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