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New DayZ Standalones Maps?

Guest Anthony Oblesko

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I can imagine that there will be an influx of map ports when standalone has fully released and is moddable. You will likely see a lot of the current maps ported over to the stansalone engine, similar to ARMA 3.

I think Bohemia more than anyone right now understand the importance of modding and community created content for their game to succeed. They're simply waiting until the base game is at a stable and complete enough level to handle modding etc.

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  • Titanium

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Once people are allowed to mod the game, I can see new maps being implemented.

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I'd like snowy maps. But, Chernarus is good enough until they have the game running pretty much perfectly.

Oh dear god, that was the most untrue thing I have heard all week. Right now, they need to get the game optimized. I am on a high end PC and I am getting around 25 fps if I am lucky. Cities are horrible for frames as well

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  • MVP

I think they will expand on Chernarus until they push it to the limits of what is reasonable. I think new maps will come from the modding community. Like most have said at the moment I just pray for a more stable/optimised/less glitchy DayZ Chernarus.

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  • Sapphire

There will be, but it will be through the community that it happens once it mod friendly.

You just know people at Armaholic will be itching to make them.

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  • Sapphire

I believe when it becomes modifiable it will happen but I am deeply enjoying the expansion on Chernarus+. Today I found towns, places, buildings I didn't even know existed.

We have plenty for now :D I'm more focused on increased amounts of supplies, gear and weapons. That'd be awesome also if there was a bit more in-depth to cooking. Like making a pie or something. Getting all the ingredients and such would be in the end, worth it, at least hopefully.

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  • MVP

They have talked before about making DLC maps once the game is complete which could be cool

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Nope nope nope, I don't see them bringing anything out, the only way I think it will come is when people get there hands on modding and then we may have one or two more.

But I dout the dayz team will focus on a new map

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Actually one of the devs talked latelty something about creatin a new map in future on this topic in dayzforums. Tho i don't think they will do that before releasing final game, cause there is still a lot of things to do. Some DLCs with new maps after release would be cool to keep game alive.

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  • Emerald

They'll probably extend the current map. Hence, why would they create new cities on the current map?

I thought they were actualyl adding seasons to the life cycle. Like it would start snowing and stuff. That will bring up more dimensions as welll. Looking forward to it.

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Guest MaxVonTroubador

I don't think they will but they do need to work on some major expansions at some point. At the moment the map is missing some stuff I think will really improve it such as:

A mountain or small range- Not like Green Hill or the rocky outcrop overlooking Elektro but a big old white top.

A major river system- something that needs a bridge/ ford/ boat to cross.

Sea cliffs-because they are pretty :)

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