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The Story of Dr.Strangelove.

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The Story of Dr.Strangelove.

Andrew Aka Dr.Strangelove was once a normal person just like all the survivors trapped in Chernarus. the story of how he became trapped is a list of mistakes and unfortunate events.

It all started simple enough. A group of friends along with Strangelove were taking a flight in a friends new plane in celebrating his friends new pilot license by flying throughout the world.

The trouble started around the area around Chernarus. In a matter of moments a loud bang and smoke poured from the engine, then half the instruments failed. thankfully the radio was working and the Chernarus airfield was not more than 10 kilometers ways.

after getting the clear to land though the radio we found out it was under military control. people were getting loaded into helicopters and been very rushed at that. Shortly after a haste full explication of an "infection", gun fire broke out at the far end. it was a large truck full of people that seemed to be forcing there way onto the airfield. It was well over ten armed men firing in the direction of the helicopters. they had no regards for civilian or military alike.

One soldier yelled to our group, "Come with me!". in the chaos we all followed. he then took us to a car for cover. shortly after all the armed men had been killed we could see the other soldiers tending to the dead and wounded. but the soldier we were with never seemed to calm down. he yelled at us to get in the car and for me to help him with the flat tire it had. "quickly! help me fix the tire! they are coming!". "They?" i asked. " The God Damn Infected! i dont wana die" he cryed. at this time we could all see was the Infected in hundreds running into the other soldiers. As i was helping the man change the tire we could hear the gunfire and screams of the other people.

At last the tire was fixed, and we had all got into the car. We could hear a man yelling "Wait! Please God! WAIT!" he was not 20 feet from the car as we started to pull away. The brakes on the car screeched to a halt. The soldier yelled for him to get in.

At last we pulled away to safety ..... Or so we thought.

The soldier knew the area well. he seemed to drive for hours, being careful to avoid towns. In this time he explained the "Infection" and what it had done to the people ad how it made some go mad, and even worse bring the dead back from death.

It had started to become night. The so soldier found a isolated farm house. It smelled dank and felt dirty but it was safe.

After saying in the farm for days and soon what felt like weeks we had all started to figure out how to manage on our own. Hunting was simple we found a old rifle in a barn. sadly it seemed the old owner took his own life with it.

late one night i was awoken by noises from the woods near by. I took a flashlight to the door to take a look. realizing it was nothing and that i had to take a piss, I walked to the outer corner of the barn. Only thing i remember after that was a loud thump and darkness.

After lord know how long i awoke to see the car that had saved our lives driving off. Inside i could see three men only one i knew. It was the man that we saved. In the panic i ran into the barn. All i could find was the corpses of the soldier and my friends. It had become light out side. only thing the bandits had left were the bodies of my friends and tools.

This was the moment everything changed. It may have been my blood covered body, the blow to the head, or the death of my fiends I would become a killer, to avenge my friends. in this time i took time to bury my friends it was the least i could do.

That is how my story starts. A blood lust to kill the bandits of Chernarus

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