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Žlutá Žgrynda®!

What do you think of adding Žlutá Žgrynda as a custom drink?  

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I've been talking and whining about a supposed custom drink I made. I've constantly asked Rolle and Jamie on implementing it, but Rolle seems to disagree with implementing it, for little reason. Now I want to know the public's opinion. Here are the textures for the drink; I've also made them into .paa files (in my dropbox currently).

Can Texture


Empty Can Texture


Inventory Icon


What it seems to be is a local Chernarussian drink, here depicted in Lemon Flavor. There's a billboard advertisement for it in Dolina (West of Solnichny), if you're willing to bother checking it out. We need more local brands more than western/international ones, but we should keep the old drink classes. I propose making Zluta Zgrynda very common, and perhaps spawn it in Cherno Hotel, because there is a vending machine for it too.

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I for-see copy right issues here.

Hmm... True there... But I'm not sure, it's still in ARMA 2, so it feeds back into the game. What about the copyrights of real-life brands though, because all the DayZ textures for those are of real-life brands?

(I don't know much about commercial copyrights though, commercialist invention...)

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