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My Application.

Guest LittleSpice

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Guest LittleSpice

This is my application so let me know if you notice anything wrong with it. This is my last attempt so help a brother out :)

Okay, so NLR stands for New Life Rule which stops you from returning to your previous bodies and hostile situations for 90 minutes and you cannot be 1km radius of the location in which the situation occurred. So for example you were just partaking in an event that lead up to your death. When you re-spawn you forget the events that led up to your death. But you don't forget everything when you begin your new life like friends,groups and enemies. So you cannot just charge back into the city or place that you died to get your gear back or take revenge. Also server restarts do not effect the NLR rule timer. Also if your friends are talking to the people who recently killed you, you can't tell them or say to anyone x and y killed you because you don't remember what happened.

Alrighty, KOS stands for Kill On Sight. Which clearly goes against RP because in RP killing other players must always be justified. So pretty much the player you're planning on killing must know they're about to die, in other words your intentions must be clear. You can take revenge for hostile situations from 2 hours of the hostile action as long as it does not conflict with other rules. There is 2 times when you can share KoS rights, you're within 500 meters of the hostile situation or you were recently with the involved group. Also the people who control the lives of the victims must keep their victims alive and reasonably good health unless there is good reason for their death. Otherwise the victim can only be killed by the bandits if the victim does not comply with their demands or if they pose a direct threat.

They did not say anything was wrong with my character background or other stuff. So I am assuming those are perfectly fine.

thank you and get back to me asap.

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They both read a bit like you copy pasted it try rewording it a bit. Also your KOS is a bit mixed up "you can share KoS rights, you're within 500 meters of the hostile situation or you were recently with the involved group" that bit needs to be within 500 meters AND part of the group. You have to meet both of those criteria to share in the KoS rights. Elaborate a bit on hostage care as well it seems a bit lacking which is usually what some people miss.

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You need work on both of these. You need to add everything, you can't trim around the bush. EX: Your missing that you can't enter a 1km radius of where you died for a minimum of 90 minutes. Server Restarts do not effect this timer."

You need to be specific. Add everything you see.

Also put examples. Lot's of examples.

And try to reword it more.

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