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Kicked for not being White listed

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I have been trying to join the server for the last hour the first time I got in I was having mic issues so I restarted and than the second time I got in I thought the game just crashed while I was playing for about 5 minutes, but during my last entry to the server while I was running through Elektro I got a message for "kicked for not being whitelisted" on the server after playing for about 5 minutes.

Your application has been accepted.

You are whitelisted for DayZRP Standalone with the following GUID: asdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdf

DayZ Standalone server password is '****'

Here is the message I have on my whitelist page, I blanked out the password just incase.

Where as I posted above on my whitelist page it says my GUID has been whitelisted for the server. Pretty sad as I've been really eager to play today, but just getting denied :(. Than it takes around 20 minutes to get back in so I dont really want to just keep trying to get lucky. Could someone please let me know whether I actually am whitelisted or not it would be very helpful :).

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  • MVP

Take your GUID off it shouldn't be public.

EDIT: sorry to be so short I just wanted you to see my message quick :)

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  • Sapphire

Are you sure that you have entered the correct GUID?

the "e"s and "c"s can be very tricky to make out.

I suggest getting a reset and double check your GUID.

Here's the thread to get a GUID-reset: http://www.dayzrp.com/t-need-a-guid-or-steamid-reset-post-here

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  • Emerald

After you get your guid reset type #beclient GUID in to direct chat on a regular dayzsa server and your guid will pop up in the bottom left. Screen shot it or write it down and re-enter your guid.

But triple check that it is correct, as fox said the c's and the e's are like four pixels different and easy to mistake.

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Thank you guys for the help I'm still pretty fuzzy on what I'm trying to do here, but I guess I'll just post in the guid reset thread and hope he can help me through it :).

I think I understand better now I just need him to reset it so I can type in a new one, than I'll be able to go into a server and bring up my GUID in game and just write that down than type that in as my new GUID, because previously I just used the steamidconverter to do it.

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Take your GUID off it shouldn't be public.

EDIT: sorry to be so short I just wanted you to see my message quick :)

Although it's good to not post it everywhere, the GUID is not vulnerable to anything. It's an encryption of your game key. The thing is, everytime someone gets kicked or disconnect from the server, battleye displays the persons GUID for everyone to see anyways. All it takes is a screenshot and you got the persons GUID anyways hehe. But like I said, there is no real risk in exposing the GUID ;)

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  • MVP

It is easily done, GUID's are notorious for making mistakes because they are so damn long :) Like I said sorry with being short with you about taking your GUID off but I wanted you to see it quickly. You can have your GUID stolen and used for nefarious purposes, which could in turn get you blacklisted. So never post it publicly. I hope you get things sorted.

EDIT: @John-Doe, I was always told never to post it publicly...sorry to have given misleading info. Vetter to be safe then sorry I suppose :)

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Sorry went to get food quickly, but I didn't think the GUID had any sensitive info on it, but you're right for better safe than sorry. Thank you guys a lot of the fast helpful responses I'll work on getting it resolved quick :).

Alright sorry to keep this post going, but I went into a server and typed in the #beclient GUID and the GUID that I received is exactly the same as the one I've inputted for this account I even just had a friend over relook at it for me and he confirmed they are identical.

Is there any other reason this might not be working, the only thing I feel could be wrong after multiple reviews is that the 0 might be an O, but it truely doesn't seem that way and I copy and pasted it off something when I signed up I didn't rewrite it. There could be another issue, but do you guys think there's a chance I was just kicked wrongly in-server because I thought if my GUID wasn't correct that I wouldn't even be able to access the server at all. When it seems like I connect into the server start playing than get kicked after a few minutes, I've even talked to people in-server already.

If you guys want I could post the screenshots of my GUID I took them from two different servers just to make sure.

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Any news on this ChernoPD?

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If you still have problems to find out your correct GUID join Ts helpdesk and get help by a Gamemaster or Admin.

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