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Persistence wipe

Guest Aquanoise

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  • Sapphire

wensdays, once a week i think

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  • Emerald

The most recent wipe was a manual one done by Rolle around half an hour ago.

Persistence wipes are done at the admin's own digression, but there are sometimes scheduled persistence wipes from Bohemia every now and then - once every Wednesday morning.

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So how do i know when i have to pick up my tent (if i had one)

As mentioned above, every tuesday night you must pick up your stuff as the next day it's all gone due to scheduled wipes from Bohemia.

On a rare occasion, Rolle will do a hard reset which resets loot due to high level of server crashes, to help make it more stable. It has happened today unfortunately. But something had to be done since the server was crashing every 5 minutes. The admin wipes are not announced.

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  • Emerald

Wipe's happen every Wednesday morning as stated by the abode. Rolle does have to do hard resets every so often, so sadly storing gear in tents is very risky, and perhaps not worthwhile considering they could be deleted.


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