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Quick question


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  • Emerald

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  • MVP

The only thing I can think of close to Hevan is probably Haven? Do you mean a safe haven? What threads were you looking at?

EDIT: Seems like you were thinking of the CLF settlement back in the day. That was in the mod, so it's long gone. Whitefur hit the nail on the head.

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  • MVP

Yeah, as I said, Whitefur got the answer. That was an old settlement back in the mod days.

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  • Sapphire

As Whitefur said above, it was an old settlement ran by CLF during our DayZRP mod.

But as we have "transfered" to Standalone, there is no such settlement as we do not have any way to modify DayZ at its current state.

Looks like you are satisfied with the answers given to your question, this can be solved


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