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Where do you guys think I should put my AK-74U, backpack or high capacity vest? :P

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Where do you guys think I should put my AK-74U, backpack or high capacity vest?

Vests tend to take damage from Zombie hits and Backpacks from bullets, but where do I keep my AK-74U? I have been playing for 700 hours on DayZ Standalone and have always put guns in my backpack and I have been doing this for my AK-74U so far. But I just don't want it to get damaged?

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  • Emerald

/moving to Standalone Discussion

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As this is a roleplay server and no ak would fit into a vest, I would stash it in my backpack.

It's the small details that make a good roleplayer xD

Nah seriously, I'd put it in my backpack

Ak-74U's take up 12 slots so they fit in High cap vests.. You never know, I could have chunks of my gun in each vest compartment xD

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  • Sapphire

I would put it in my backpack for couple reasons:

1) Are you able to stick a carbine into the pockets in your vest? I believe that is not possible (in this game it is because they have made the vest big enough for that weapon to fit in there)

2) In your backpack, it is less likely that it will be hit by a bullet / a zombie (zombies like to break clothing and therefore also items inside the clothing).

For the roleplay purposes and real life logic, the only place it would fit is your backpack

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  • MVP

On my character


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  • Emerald

As it was said before, Backpacks.

Though honestly you should use it as your main weapon and if the reason why you want it in your backpack cause you want to carry a shotgun or a mosin then just saw off a double-barrel or the mosin and put it in your backpack. Less slots and more efficient.

that run on sentence doe.

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