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The Journal of a Green Warden


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  • Sapphire

Day 10

Found untouched book or journal, meager supplies, winter chill is setting on, storm clouds building on the horizon.

Have seen no one else that hasn't turned.

Tomorrow: Secure firearm


Day 13

Secured a simple shotgun, will do for now, attempting to find permenant shelter. Still no human contact.


Day 15

The silence is maddening, my mind ails in silent cries of anguish. I am alone, there is no one else but me out here. I truly feel like the last living human being.

Is this how it ends? Is this how humanity fights back?


Day 16 (Dawn)

I've started talking to myself and picture in my wallet. Am I loosing it? I am fucking loosing it. My mind needs to be occupied.

Today I need food. I'll venture into a city to see what I can find.


Made human contact... However not how I liked, he lunged at me with a pitchfork... I....

I need to find a weapon cleaning kit.

-more tba

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  • Sapphire

I was thinking of doing that but I wrote it at 5 in the morning xD

I also don't know how to do that xD

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  • Sapphire

Day 17

I'm learning to come to terms with what I must do to survive. If I have to kill someone to live, I will do it. I will try to find other human life out there. If I do find it I will in fact cherish it.

However with my ailing mind, my thoughts think back to home, to my daughter and ex-wife. Why did I go? Why the hell did I go on this stupid high risk buisness trip? And then I remember my job being threatened, my livelihood. I should have told them to shove it... Can't believe I went on that boat, now look where I am.

I need to find a radio tower and some broadcasting equipment. See if I can relay a message to any friendly people in the area. I have a map and the most promising place appears to be Green Mountain. Maybe there is something to salvage there.

Supply Inventory

Two cans of Baked Beans

One can of Tactical Bacon [ucking Delicious

A half full bottle of water Need to find a well soon

A Morphine Auto Injector

15-12 gauge shotgun shells

What I need


More food

A heater


A new Jacket

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  • Sapphire

Day 19 (Morning)

I have reached Green Mountain with a radio and a recorder used by some Newsperson. Regardless, they don't need it anymore, I have use for it.

From what I understand the area is clear, though I hear sounds, footsteps, idle cries, maniacal laughter. Whatever they are... whatever it is... They seem to haunt this place, human or not.

Day 19 (Dusk)

Finished recording my message, I've managed to rig 15 minutes of tape to play on loop. However those sounds are getting worse, closer, louder. I will sleep in the radio tower tonight. Hopefully someone will frequent this place and I can link up with them, perhaps trade for a rifle or some food.

There it is again, movement near the base of the tower, a chuckle, a laugh...

Supply inventory

Two cans of beans

One can of spaghetti

12-12gauge shells

20 7.62x39mm rounds

Two full water-bottles

What I need

More food

A blanket and or warm clothing

More ammo


-This is struckthrough- Someone to talk to

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  • MVP

I like where you're going with this, and it has a certain sense of organization about it. But I can't seem to grasp the idea of why it's called "Journal of a Green Warden".

I can't seem to figure out why or what or who a "green warden" is. Perhaps you could enlighten us a bit with the next entry. :)

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  • Sapphire

-This is struckthrough- Someone to talk to

Just so you know is the tag to strike through.

Journal looks nice, keep up with it :)

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  • Sapphire

-snip- weird double post

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  • Sapphire

Day 21 (Aftenoon/Evening)

My signal worked, thank God. And here I was thinking I was alone out here. Dozens showed up with goods to trade with each-other and gamble over what supplies were left in the prison. However, things were... a tad odd. A man came stumbling through, crying, laughing and when touched he hissed, actually... hissed and ran. Upon asking other people about it I found no discernible answer.

I traded off my 20 rounds of 7.62x39mm ammo for 12 gauge shells, food and the promise of a warm jacket should this man find it. Said it was a thanks for protecting them, this place. Funny, I don't see myself protecting much. I lay awake at night, listening, waiting, discerning. We shall see if some spend the night here. Many have already packed off and left, saying something about "Howlers" and "Cannibals" They couldn't be talking about those... things could they?

Notes: Start a trade log, Names, what they are bringing and transactions

Get some sleep!!!!

Day 22 (Early Hours of the Morning)

I was not expecting to get much sleep tonight, but I squeezed in a few hours of it. That is until I heard the bawling sounds of screaming and the loud crack of a bullet. I swear, either the others were deaf or slept like rocks.

I jolted from my bed, running towards the sound, shotgun and flashlight in hand. The cries, recent, plague my mind. There was another shot, another, the man that was shooting, it wasn't only to get someone's attention but to fight something off. I found that out quick.

When I stumbled upon the scene of this young man, the same one who had promised me a warm jacket, I found that his ankle was in fact lodged in a beartrap. There were bodies around him, blood glistening in the pale moonlight. I managed to free him, but I couldn't get him to walk. He was bleeding profusely, his ankle dislocated and his fibula most likely was broke through. Regardless, I helped the man away, firing a shot from my shotgun to warn the others and perhaps scare off any of those... things.

With meager supplies we treated his wounds. I stitched up his leg to the best of my ability and gave him some painkillers to help him sleep. He murmured something to me. Something mumbling from his lips along the lines of... "A warden of green mountain..." Well, catchy title... But I'm more focused on his well-being right now. Perhaps a medic will come through and help him tomorrow.

Now I know what I'm up against, and hopefully I'm not alone.


A splint/Brace, something to aid his stability

Water, food, supplies, A medic we can call on in case of further injuries

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  • Sapphire

Fascinating. Eager to read some more

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  • Sapphire

Day 22 (Noon)

A medic came through having heard the signal however when I approached him about helping the man who got his leg in a bear trap he seemed more inclined to put him out of his misery than give him medical supplies. But after some coaxing, he obliged, giving him a saline IV to replace the blood he had lost and knocking him out with chloroform so that he wouldn't be awake for the reseting of his bone.

I watched the whole process, picked a few things up. He crafted a splint from some of the metal poles that were part of some ruined tents and said that he shouldn't walk at least for another few days.

But before I could thank him or tell him to contact us he was gone, odd. Regardless, we got what we needed for the time being.

Trade Log

Mainly food, clothing and ammo being traded. No one would give me exact amounts, told me to 'piss off' among other things.

To Do

Find more medical supplies, there is a clinic in Zelenogorsk. I am departing in ten minutes with a few others who wish to sack the military outpost down there.

Day 22 (Evening)

We arrived back here just before nightfall, just before the laughter and crying ensued. When I warned the others what I saw they asked if I had been reading Stephen King. I did when I went to Art School but not anymore. Regardless some of them wrote it off and ignored what I hear. But I can't.

I locked the gate and piled heavy stones where there were gaps in the fence. I also started a fire to see if that would keep them away.

But I know they will come, and keep coming.

Supplies picked up from Zelenogorsk

Five cans of food, Assorted, Didn't look, didn't care

A blood bag [Type O+]

A Saline IV, No start kit though.

A handfull of bullets, 5 9mm, 3 .45,

A .45 1911 mag

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  • Sapphire

Day 23 (Early Morning)

I wasn't able to sleep, cries and laughter ensued through our defenses. There was occasional scratching at the heavy rocks I had piled near the gaps in the fence. Many of the over-nighters seemed too afraid to sleep inside the prison tonight. They were more keen to stay up, clutching their guns, scared.

To be honest,

I am too.

Day 23 (Morning)

Around daybreak there was silence, the fire crackled from embers and almost on cue a few survivors came upon the place to scavenge and or trade. There was a slight scuffle but I managed to break it up before it got lethal.

Went to check on the man inside resting, though he seemed still lucid. Though his bandages looked slightly soiled I dared not to touch for a little longer at least. There are after all only a finite amount of these sterile bandages left. It isn't like these things grow on trees.

Trade Log

Food for Ammo

Drugs (From what I could tell.)

A can opener

Some clothing (Someone was talking about going up North, I didn't listen further than that.)

To Do

Trade for bandages

Ask around about other settlements

Try to find the root of evil at Green Mountain

Kill the above^

Maintain outpost defenses

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  • Sapphire

Day 23 (Dusk)

Tensions are really, really high. People keep pointing fingers at each-other and as I write this right now they keep on yelling. The young man's wounds arn't looking much better, his words arn't making any sense either. This is bad, especially with those things lurking out in the night.

I'm going to go make sure the gate is locked again, add a couple more logs to the fire as well. Maybe that will shut everyone up and keep the... thi (I have got to come up with a better name for them.) things at bay.

Trade log

No further trade today, the man I thought was selling drugs wouldn't give his name either. He left after I said that. I'll remember him, green raincoat, black radar cap.

Day 23? 24? (Evening)

Gunfire from far off, about a Km. From my ears it sounds like rapid fire 5.56 fired from an M4 carbine. Some of the others want to go out and investigate but as they near the fence to unlock it then they retort.

We may have to abandon this safe haven soon, talks about what happened the last time someone tried to colonize an area have even me spooked. Something about an actual functioning town.

This is just an outpost.

We might die here


Find out who was shooting that rifle

See if they are still alive (They may have an idea of the general mapping of the area.)

If not, take his or her stuff. We need it.

See if I can trade for some more shotgun shells. (Preferably slugs or buckshot)

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  • Sapphire

The next few days of pages are ripped out. Though the left corner of Day 26 remains and the solemn words.

Day 26

The injured man died this morn~

Day 28 (Noon)

Green Mountain has become... oddly popular... Perhaps that broadcast worked a little bit too well. People flood the courtyard of this place bearing goods. So much so that trying to keep a trade journal on this would be near impossible.

Though there has been talk of unsavory people hanging about, there is nothing I can do about it but blow steam. Course you never know how many friends they have hidden about the crowd. Better to be safe than sorry.

However a couple men did approach me about heading North, assisting with scouting the Northern Border that they assumed was still manned. If it was, at this rate they'd be almost out of supplies. Regardless even a weak squadron of soldiers poses a threat.


MP113 12 Gauge For a Mosin Nagant in 7.62

33 rounds of 7.62 for 21 Shotgun shells

Empty AKM magazine for a bottle of water (Emptied it out, will fill up later)

Got an offer on my old wedding ring... Declined.


Supplies and clothing for a trip North

A scope

New knife or a whetstone (Mine is getting rather dull)

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  • Sapphire

I really like that you're keeping up with this writing style :D Makes it truly feel like we are reading someones journal! Keep up the good work~

Thank you! :D

Day 29 (Early Morning)

Some fucker shot himself last night... Right outside front of the prison where people sleep. Those who were awake during the time were the first to see the sight. It's... almost been a month and people are doing this... ending their lives just at a whim. I hope I never get reduced to that point. Though it seems like just yesterday I was at a low point. That I was alone, searching for purpose.

Everyone elected to split up his gear, I refused to take any. Perhaps I'm getting my morals back or something... Maybe. We'll see. For now we are covering the body in lime and leaving it for the morning. We'll draw sticks and whomever draws the shortest is in charge of either burying them or cremating them. It's at their discretion of course.

I am gunna stay awake for the rest of the night, it won't do me any well to have fragmented sleep.

Day 29 (Dawn)

Welp, fuck. I drew the short stick. Luckily someone lent me their balaclava to wear as well as a clove of garlic. I figure it's probably to help me deal with the smell. Because even with the lime it reeks of death still.

Hopefully this will be the last time I have to do this...

It wont

Day 29 (Dusk)

Grave is finally dug. Figured I might as well give the poor guy a proper burial. Besides... we don't know if something might dig him up, human or not and have its way with him. If I can prevent that all the better.


It's done, he's buried and I managed to forge together a tombstone made of sticks. Having scrounged around in the back room I found some nails to both hang his passport and keep the cross together. It was... unnecessary, but we have got to keep some sort of morals... right?

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  • Sapphire

Day 30 (Early Morning)

I can't sleep. Fucking awful to be honest, just to sit here thinking. Of all nights I should be happy. Happy that I'm still alive, happy I've made it what, a month? That's more than I can say for some. More than I can say for....

Forget it, the more I try to go on the more I think about it. How in the end with a .22 round bouncing around in his brain he looked at peace... That's better than some of the night owls I'm sitting with right now.

Fuck I'll have to get back to this later, this man next to me keeps bugging me about fixing the trigger slap he feels on his AKM.


Glad to see I haven't lost my touch... But to be honest I'm surprised people are finding assault rifles out here, you'd have thought they would be gone by now. Well it's fixed, the rifle now cycles without the added slap against his index finger when the bolt fires back. Thanked me with a can of Tactical Bacon....

If Only I had eggs....

If only I was home...

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  • Sapphire

Day 30 (Dusk)

It was an oddly slow day today. The traders came but it seemed like there was a dark shadow cast upon this outpost today. Nonetheless, after building a fire a few of us settled around a campfire and began to exchange stories. Though as dusk creeped closer, people departed, though two men stayed. One with a bible.

To be honest religion had been in the back of my mind since I got here. How could God allow this to happen? Commit this plague upon his people? Yet here I am still wearing that cross out here. I suppose it doesn't hurt to be on the safe side. I figured I'd hang my daughter's keychain on there as well... Figured it wouldn't hurt to have something to strive for.


Dream, yeah daddy wishes he could Sarah, he really does...

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