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Hello to DayZRP

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Hello to everyone,

Hopefully when I submit my application it will be accepted and I can start farming. As a good Yorkshire man I appreciate things that grow. My produce is to be consumed and traded, for a fair price of course.

Please be aware though. I will not accept people on my land without good reason. You cannot just enter, loot, steal or mistakenly cross my land. If you do you will have to pay. It will be a fair price of course.

Every once in a while, when the season has been good I will come to town to trade. Certain supplies will be needed by myself, waterproofs, shovels and maybe a few shotgun shells.

Migrant workers will be needed. Payment will be as much food as you can carry and a can of Rasputin at the end of a hard days graft.

See you all soon. Should be great fun!

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Hello and welcome to the community...nice farmer :D

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