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Hello There My name is Narkis,

I am very new to Dayz and have played on a few servers Were KOS was not just accepted but mandatory it seems, I'm just trying to learn the area and enjoy my time were people don't just kill without a word I hope that once I fill in my application to get on the server I will be accepted as this seems to be the perfect place to enjoy DayZ

Thank you for taking your time to read this and I may see you in chernarus Soon

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  • Sapphire

Welcome! Check the forums out for some great info, alternatively browse around youtube for a lot of great how-tos. Here is a relatively updated map of the area http://www.izurvive.com/ to give you some idea.

Good luck!

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Thanks I've seen a few vids on YouTube though some of them are just for fun, I have been looking at dayzdb for the map but once I get back on the PC I will have a look at that link thank you. I've just noticed the dayzrp server is not accepting applications other then donation applications sadly I'm not in a position to afford to donate so I will have to keep checking and hope for the best,

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