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DayZRP Trailer Contest


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  • El Presidente


are kind of outdated so I will be holding a contest for new a DayZRP trailer made in Standalone!


  • Under 2 minutes in length
  • 1080p quality, as high quality settings and bitrate as possible
  • Original rendered file must be made available to Rolle and be given OK to be uploaded to DayZRPs YouTube channel.
  • No content copyrighted by 3rd parties (unless you have permission)
  • Shows unique DayZRP features like player interaction, some kind of storyline, lore
  • Not a generic DayZ video with people killing each other through the entire video


  • 100€ on your PayPal
  • MVP rank
  • Special title "Video Director"

To submit your entry:

  • Upload the video to YouTube as an unlisted video
  • Send a PM to Rolle titled "DayZRP Trailer Contest" with the YouTube link to your video

High res transparent DayZRP logo for use in your video: image

You may work on and submit your entry together with another person, in that case the award will be split between you. Max 2 people per entry. Unlimited entries per person/team allowed.

The contest preliminary end date is 25th January, but may be extended if we don't get enough or unsatisfactory entries.


- Durstry

With help and footage from Cjbustuup - honorable mention.

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  • MVP


Lets get to work!

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  • Titanium

Ohh, this is interesting :D

Can't wait to see what comes from this!

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  • Sapphire

Interesting! Sounds like a fun challenge!

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  • MVP

Nice idea, I look forward to the creativity of members of this community. Best of luck people!

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  • Emerald

Can you send more than one video Rorre?

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  • MVP

*Cracks knuckles*

Editing skills commence

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  • MVP

Is 4k allowed? :D

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  • Diamond

I've got more then a few idea's to play with! Anyone who wants to pair up I'd be more then happy though!

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  • Sapphire

Someone call AytonHunter & BigLittleShorts :D

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  • MVP

Does anyone have the links to the previous trailers?

Thanks :)

They are in the OP's thread in red.

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