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There much hackers?

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  • MVP

I would say no, but there is a possibility. However anyone who hacks is generally found out fairly quickly and removed from the community. If you suspect a possible hacker open a report discussion and always try to record any incidents as evidence.

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Guest Cladicus

I've seen a couple of hack reports lately but most are just text and no pictures.

I think many are just people KoSing without being noticed.

With the logs update coming sooner or later it wont be a problem at all anymore :)

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  • Sapphire

Hey, I'm pretty new to dayZ, and would like to join this server in the future, are their many hackers here?

i have experienced exactly zero hackers since joining. it is a bit of a hacker sanctuary. Maybe a few get through but for the most part, so much better than the public servers.

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  • Diamond

hackers are really rare a week ago was the last time i saw a hacker but since then i have not met one so if a hacker comes up they don't last for long since they usually get caught and removed off the server and community

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