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Myrothas' Background Story

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Myrothas, born as Jake Poopfish earned his Name

after slaughtering his first undead Zombie.

When Jake mentioned, that the stinky ass

of the Zombie points directly to his face,

his best friend shouted: My Rotten Ass!

Well, so Jake became Myrothas.

Now, Myrothas got the running gag to say:

"Over my rotten ass!" to hint at "over my dead body".

He was born in a little Village and already called

the Townpeople Zombies. Thats because they just are

functional and work. When they actually really

became Zombies it wasn't a big deal to him calling

them Zombies.

His father died very early, when Jake was 8 years old

at a car accident. Jake thought it wouldn't

bother him, as always when he tries to act manly.

Because of this he later became a hidden depression,

that often disturbs him in every form of social activities.

When he became 13 the first rumors about a Zombieapocalypse

made its way to the televisions. They called those ill

people drugaddicted to cloud nine. Well, that was just

to keep the citizen calm as long as possible.

His 14th Birthday already have been celebrated

without his family. Only his new best friend.

And, of course the Zombies outside. Already no

TV and Radio was broadcasting anymore. News -

Jake called them rumors as always, only ended up

in: "Yeah i know a friend that knows a friend

that told that there is a Savezone in the far east".

Now Jake, called Myrothas still is 14 and one

of the few Survivers in the World.

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