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Guest Napsu

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Hey all!

I'm Napsu, a swell DayZ Player from Finland. (with fluent english skills)

I got bored of being shot with no reason and getting messed up with scripters running around with hacks, So I took advice from my friend and decided to tryout for this server.

I have good experience from other game's RP servers so I'd think this is gonna be pretty swell.

See you trough the iron sights! ;)


Oh yeah few words about my playing style:

I like to keep things calm and stay out of sight. I'm not shooting anyone on sight but won't be afraid to defend myself in dire situation. I'm thinking of setting up in the woods and then trading supplies whenever i need em'. But if things go too bad, I might be forced to rob some unaware poor soul... But know this; I don't enjoy it!

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