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Unfair warning

Guest Nykke

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so i received a warning (+5 points) for RDM. Based on pure speculation with no hard proof what so ever by Jij.


Im just pretty upset about its impossible for me to initiate on people without getting banned or receiving warnings by Jij. if i initiate with text i get banned apparently thats micro robbery i get that, but know if i use voice i will just revive warnings points based on speculation with no proof what so ever.

After the incident i even got fraps so could prove that i am not breaking any rules, which unfortunately came in handy later that night (http://www.dayzrp.com/t-2-25-kos-nw-of-stary-sobor)

im starting to feel that you have something personal against me Jij since you can judge me without no evidence at all, and counting my word as less worth than other players.

Honestly you make me feel unwelcome here.

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  • Server Manager

Is see your point and I agree. Waiting for a confirmation from Jij (damn timezones).

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  • MVP

I fail to see any Rp in either of your reports which is required in the game. This said, your warning was not based upon Lack of RP and this will be removed.

I will ask that from now on you do all future acts in a RP manner.

i will speak with jij about this.

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