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Zeke's Background Story

Guest Pie Lover

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Guest Pie Lover

Zeke wasn't the best in his school, but he wasn't bad either. He had alot friends. His best friend was called Simon. They had known each other through their whole lives.

It was a normal day in school. Me and Simon was whispering to each other, because we had History. We talked about going to the park after school. When suddenly we heard loud screams out in the hallway. Everybody heard that, and the whole class began to talk. Simon was fast to come up from the chair. He almost ran to the door, to see what's happening. Most of the pupils also stood up. I was also curious, so I walked to the door. And that was the first time I've ever seen them... A zombie had knocked Simon down on the floor. He was trapped. He shouted for help. So i ran to him, and kicked the zombie away from Simon. I helped him up, and then we ran to the classroom. Simon felt pain, because he got bit in the arm. Our teacher helped us to bandage his wound.

We got evacuated to the schools emergency cellar. Simon started to feel bad, and then later on, he turned into a zombie. I was the only one, who made it out alive. I was alone. Alone in the doomed world. Alone in DayZ...

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