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DmeR saying Hello!

Guest DmeR

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Hello everyone! :)

I can tell a litle bit about my self.

My name is Robin, and I'm 26 years old and living in Sweden

with my wonderful girlfriend.

Atm I'm working alot, so I hope I will have some free time to play with you guys! :)

I'm working as Game developer and also working with people that need some help with

there living (I was not sure how I would explain) but I Hope you understand *hehe*

So.. How did I find this server? xD

Well, I was talking with a friend on skype and he asked me if I still playing DayZ and I said

that I was a little tired of it, I haven't find any cool server so far, It was just a few but

there was so much hackers (Cheaters) so the game died in my eyes. But he told me, he find

a cool server with very friendly admins and also friendly players.

So here I am xD If you guys / girls have ny questen just shooot ! :D

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