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Daniel the German

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I've lived through my first day at Chernarus. It's an accomplishment I'm proud of.

When I began I had no clue what to do. I spent most of my time running from hordes of zombies. I hadn't really found anything besides some road flares when I entered a little village with a barn. Quietly, to not alarm the zed that was doing whatever zeds do, I snuck inside the barn. There I finally found something useful. Weapons. In fact, three different kinds of weapons. I faced a dilemma. Should I take the axe? It's silent, and very effective. However, it has no range. The crossbow? It even had a couple of bolts. Or the Lee Enfield with three magazines? I was toying around with the axe when I heard the zeds behind me. I had been making too much noise, and now I faced four hungry-looking zeds because of it. Stupid, Izaäk. I was forced to run and slash my way through the zeds. This angered even more zeds in the village. I just ran, not looking back.

There was still one determined zed behind me when I saw the camp. It was basically a big circle surrounded by containers. I ran past the crossing barrier when suddenly a priest (or at least someone dressed like one) appeared and shot the zed. Thank god. He let me in. I thanked him some more. He asked if I needed any food or medical attention. I said I didn't. I was wondering how on earth I ended up at a camp with a zombie-killing priest...

The camp was locally known as the trade post. It is a place for survivors to rest, eat and heal. And so I did. I introduced myself to the other survivors, and I became known as "Izaäk the hatchet man". As cozy as it was, I knew I couldn't stay forever. I filled a bottle with water (which I didn't boil; a rookie mistake), took some bean cans and after looking (probably very suspiciously) at a car for a while I decided to leave the trade post, just when it was about to get dark. That's when I met Daniel the German.

As most people he wondered why I was running around with an axe. I told him my story. When he offered to help me get equipment in Cherno I must admit I was a little wary. But I had nothing to lose besides my life, and he had no reason to take it.

So off we went. I soon found out that at Chernarus, dark really means dark. Luckily Daniel had night vision goggles, but my life basically depended on him. Even after we found weapons (a M4A1 and a G17 with flashlight) I couldn't use them because they weren't silenced. It would attract to many zeds.

Dependent as I was, I did learn a lot about survival in Chernarus. We found a tent, a map, a watch, lots of canned food and drinks, a silenced gun (which I didn't trade for my M4A1; my second mistake), binoculars, a backpack and some medical stuff.

All in all it was an exciting night. It was mostly us with the zeds (from which I had to run more than one time), but we did encounter other survivors throughout our scavenger hunt. Daniel told me to put out my flashlight whenever a car or a helicopter came along or if we heard shots, which left me completely useless and in the dark.

Right before sunrise we decided to go our separate ways. I thanked him and we told each other we would meet again at the trade post. And that is how I met Daniel the German.

OOC: [[This night, these two hours with Daniel, that was the reason I wanted to play DayZ. There is something about this game that makes even hearing only one shot in the distance an exciting event. What makes it so special is that every situation is real. It is never faked. You, the players, decide what happens. If you encounter another player, multiple things can happen, but all of these things are decided by the player himself, and not by the game. Add to that the fact that you feel alive (in the sense that you don't want to die), and you have an amazing game that is unlike anything else.

I think that the fact that I've been having more fun than in any other game by just following a guy for two hours while I couldn't even see anything says enough. Thanks, Daniel. I hope I will experience more events like this.]]

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