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Chief King: On a mission (RP story)

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((Hey so here is the first part of my story I will update it with In-Game events and other stuff. This is my first time doing this so if you enjoy it post it and if you see something or have constructive criticism post it as well. Thanks and enjoy Chief King out.))

"Chief, Chief!" said the Warrant Officer Candidate. "You need to get up sir, Admiral Jones is waiting for you on the bridge." This was very unusual due to the fact it was 1 am and I was supposed to be woken up at 4 am. Today was the day of the Invasion of the country of Chernarus. I would be leaving ahead of the 15 MEU or Marine Expeditionary Unit. I was assigned to fly with them as they had a shortage of pilots and the 160th SOAR, Special Operations Air Regiment, was currently conducting training. They sent me to go and help train the Warrant Officer Candidates and help fly in the Delta Force that was also assigned to train with the Marines. I told the Warrant Officer Candidate to tell Admiral Jones I would be there in 5 minutes. I opened my steel, bolted down dresser and pulled out my flight suit and my boots. After putting them on and brushing my teeth and deciding that there was no time for a shave I opened my door and walked through the cold dark hallway to the bridge. I opened the door and the saluted and said "Admiral, Chief Warrant Officer King is here as requested Sir!" "At ease Chief, we are going to have to launch the Delta team 2 hours earlier." We have found out from intelligence that the Russians have sent a team of highly trained soldiers in to deal with the uprisings." "Sir Russians?" I asked in disbelief. "Yes Chief the Russians, we do not know if they have any air assets with them, they may want to keep this on the down low. If the UN finds out that they are interfering in this there may be some repercussions." After listening for a couple more minutes there was a interruption. "Admiral we have just got reports that the Russian team has gone rouge." " I have talked to the Russian General and he confirmed that they are Company 47, Russian Spetsnaz."

After going over the briefing for the 3rd time I made my way out of the planning room and into the hull of the ship. There I met up with my Co-Pilot, Jamie Hays. He had been working on this new feature that allowed the pilots to see the HUD in the visor of their helmet wherever they looked. "Jamie we got to prep the Hawk" I said referring to the Black Hawk Helicopter behind Jamie. "Roger Chief I got the crew from deck 12 to come and look at it while we were sleeping." "Roger we leave in 20 minutes I want to go over the flight plan and the Terrain map with you since there were some changes, we are now going to be landing the Delta soldiers at Stary Sobor so they can secure the Northern Airfield so the flyboys can land Task Force 2." "I am going to go and talk to Father Raptor, see you in 15 minutes."

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“Bridge this is ColossusKing 1, How copy over?” “ColossusKing 1 this is bridge solid copy you are clear to spin up.” “Roger that Bridge I am spinning up.” I looked up at my panel of switches and hit the start engine one. Next I looked over at Jamie and said “Engage rear rotor and link us to the Navigation System.” “Roger that rear rotor engaged as well as main rotor, Navigation is engaged we are set to lift.” “Bridge ColossusKing 1 is ready to lift, requesting permission to take off from helipad 3.” “ColossusKing 1 you are cleared to lift from helipad 3 good luck, Bridge out.” My mind was racing as I slid my hand’s between the joystick and throttle. I pushed the throttle a little and then pushed forward on the stick. After clearing the other helicopters I dipped right down to the waves. The men in the back were very quiet and had not much to say. When the coast came into view I told Jamie to engage the flares, just in case we needed them. Somehow I kept thinking of my wife and kids. I knew this was going to be easier than it had been in Afghanistan but I kept getting this feeling that something was not right.

“We are 5 minutes out Delta” Jamie said over the intercom. “Roger that we are ready to go” replied Reacher. I scanned with my thermal camera that was mounted on the nose of the Black Hawk, for any contacts. “We are clear on thermals” I said to Jamie. “Roger that the LZ is the clearing to our right.” I grabbed for the throttle and pulled it back while moving the Joystick forward to land. I felt the thud as we landed and then I said “Here you are go, go, go.” They left without saying anything and pulled a 360 around the helicopter as we took off. Now all I had to do was get back to the Carrier.

“ColossusKing 1 this is Hero 1, how copy over?” “This is ColossusKing 1 send your traffic” I replied thinking to myself how strange this was. Task Force 2 had already landed at the Northern Airfield and had secured it and Task Force 1, the Amphibious assault had landed at Balota Airfield and set up a makeshift FOB. “ColossusKing 1 we need immediate Medevac at Balota Airfield.” “Roger that ColossusKing 1 will be there in 5 Mics, Over.” “Roger that solid copy 5 mics.” I changed my heading and made my way to BAF.

“Hero 1 this is ColossusKing 1 we are approaching from the North East, how copy over?” There was no reply on the radio after 30 seconds I repeated “Hero 1 this is ColossusKing 1 how copy over?” I saw people moving very slowly on the ground so I thought that the radio was messed up.

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I was sweating from the heat of the engines as I came in to land at the front of the hangar. “Jamie get on the gun and get ready to fire” I called out. I thought I had seen people moving below us earlier as I was approaching the Airfield, but now there was nothing moving besides the helicopter’s rotors as I shut off the engines. I turned my HUD off and unstrapped myself from the seat. I flipped the start engine button and then disengaged my tail rotor. I already saw Jamie behind me loading the Vulcan Minigun up. I got out of the chopper and pulled my gun out from behind the seat and turned the safety off. I started to walk towards the Air Traffic Control Tower slowly and scanned the area around looking for the soldiers. Then I heard a scream and then the sound of howling. “Jamie do you hear that” I asked. “Yeah what the hell is that?”

“I don’t know what that is but it does not sound human, I am gonna check what it is start the chopper up and get on the gun.” I ran over behind the Air Tower looking for the noise. I stared down in disbelief. 10 feet in front of me lay a platoon of Marines and standing over them were humans that were growling. They were eating the intestines of the Marines. I aimed and shot the things in the head. The noise from the M4A1 Carbine attracted a lot of these things towards me. I realized that there was no way I could save these Marines so I took their dog tags and looked at the thing that was eating the Marines. It looked like a zombie from the Walking Dead.

“Jamie we gotta go now there are zombies eating people and I am not kidding.” “What the hell are you talking about, Zombies?” “Yes just start the helicopter we have to go now” I yelled. I ran as fast as I could to the helicopter.

My heart was pounding as I ran to the helicopter. I was turning the corner when I heard the spooling up of the Vulcan Minigun. “Jamie they are right behind me, light them up when I get out of the way” I called out to him. “Roger the chopper is starting up so hurry, I will take care of the “Zombies.” I ran as fast as I could to the chopper and then sound of the MiniGun opening up was deafening. I opened the door and then got in, shut the door behind me and strapped in. The rotors were already engaged and I was pushing the throttle when I heard Jamie say “there are too many man we can't last much longer, we need to get up now.” “I am trying just keep shooting” I replied. I looked to the side and saw how many there were. “Shit” I said “we are not going to make it but we gotta try.” I put everything into high gear and then that is when I heard Jamie say “ What the Fuck! The thing just bit my hand.” I was about to respond when everything went black.

((Yes Heinz I will include more people now due to me being stuck here.))

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My head was pounding and I felt like my throat was on fire. I opened my eyes and I was in my chopper. The glass, the bulletproof glass had blood all over it and it looked like it had been beaten or hit to the point of breaking. The arms,legs, and heads of these zombies covered the chopper. I looked behind me and saw that Jamie had gotten away from here and he left me nothing. I would have done the same. Both he and I were brothers in arms but we both knew the situation that I was in had almost a zero percent chance of living. I opened the door and saw that all around the chopper were the zombies dead and unmoving. Who could have done this? Could Jamie have killed the zombies and then left me? My mind was racing we these thoughts when I heard the sound of a car. I unbuckled myself and then opened the door and pulled out the map and compass and the survival kit that is in every chopper.

I ran towards the sound of the car and the makeshift FOB was up ahead of me I saw. I ran to that and saw there were some guns in the tents. I picked a gun, a M4A1 Carbine, which I qualified as an Expert with. I then saw some food and drink and picked that up, surprisingly there was a lot of Coke and Pepsi here. I drank some and felt the cool liquid slide down my throat. It was very refreshing. Next I needed to find out where I was and where I should head to get in contact with US Military. I was at the BAS or Balota Air Strip. Task Force 2 was up at the North West Airfield. I saw that there was a major city called Chernogorsk and I thought that the best place to start gathering supplies and making my journey from would be there. I had lost the sound of the car. I started my Journey to Chernogorsk. I ran for about 5 minutes before I saw the outline of the Industrial buildings. That is when I met the Rising Freeborns.

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((You guys get 2 parts today because I am feeling nice, anyways leave more comments and if you would like to be mentioned put it here and I will add you in. Hope you enjoy!))

I was running along the road, past the first gas station that leads into the suburbs of Chernogorsk when again I heard the same car noise. It sounded like it was coming from the ocean or at least near it. I ran towards my right and to the sound of the car. The waves mixed with the wind made the beach an unpleasant place to go, maybe that is why I had never heard of this place before, and surely nobody came here on vacation.

I crested the hill and then crouched so that I would not draw attention to myself. I looked of the hillcrest and I saw that there were 2 cars and 7 or so members in a circle around a campfire. They looked to be doing some sort of ritual but I could not be sure. I wiped away some of the blood that was in my eyes and the sudden motion drew the attention of some of the figures. They started to shout at me in some language. I stood up and showed them my American Flag patch.

They encircled me and then a man who looked to be the leader came up to me and then said in a british accent “Hello American Pilot we need you to drop your stuff now or we'll shoot you we are the Rising Freeborns.” I was shocked to hear a british accent but even more shocked to learn they were robbing me. I did not know what to do but this man did, he put his AK 74 to my head and said “do it now, I do not want to kill an American, but these times are tough, drop the weapon now.” I dropped my weapon and then it went black.

I woke up later with my head pounding and a shining light that at first looked to be a lamp but was the sun. I was laying down on my back when I heard the chatter of foreign voices. I stood up and looked around for the voices that were coming from my left. The sun was blinding and this made it really hard to orient myself to where I was. I saw some people coming towards me and thought oh here we go again. The man I saw earlier who had told me to drop my gun came up to me and introduced himself as Freeman. To his left was a man named “Wolfbane” and to his right was a white skinny looking guy with glasses and a nice watch named Jukki. I said hello and told them my name was Chief Warrant Officer Cameron King of the 160th SOAR, United States Army. They looked over to the man named Jukki and he said to them “Special Operations Aviation Regiment, He is a very skilled pilot.”

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They took me to their car and then blindfolded me. I could sense there was other people in the car by the way the atmosphere was. I then heard another man talking to me and he sounded like he was from the Northeastern part of America. I asked “Hello ar.. are you American?” “Yes I am Chief, I am Saphire from the United States Army.” Another American soldier I wondered to myself, what would he be doing here, the army had not sent any soldiers and I could tell he was not Delta Force. “Soldier what is your rank and what are you doing here” I asked him. “I am a Staff Sergeant and I was with 10th Special Forces Group, we were in C130’s and we were in the air when the planes started to catch fire and I had to bail out. I looked for anyone left but I could see nobody in sight.”

They took me to a place up north called Stary Sobor. This place had a military encampment up near a red metal barn. The air had a musty smell to it and I could tell that the zombies had been through here. I was still blindfolded but the Staff Sergeant kept me updated on where we were going. I felt the car come to a halt and the heard the doors open. Someone grabbed my arm and led me out of the car. A cool breeze swept across my face as I exited the car. I felt a man, with his rough hands start to unite the blindfold from me. I felt the hard cotton fall down to the ground and I saw a bright shining light, most likely the sun. It took me a bit to get used to the light but once I did I looked around and saw mass graves and dead humans and zombies all around.

“Excuse me but ah what... what happened here” I asked “were these people from the United States?” “No these were some CDF and LSF soldiers here helping us out” replied Saphire. The camp looked like every last person died trying to defend it because all around the camp were zombies and in a last stand circle were the bodies of soldiers. I could tell this was getting real serious and it needed to be relayed to the USMSOC.

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We then looked around the camp for some guns as well as ammunition. When they were satisfied that nothing else was here they came and asked me “What do you want a M4A1 or a AK?” “I am a expert with the M4A1 so that” I replied back. It was a great feeling to have a this great weapon in my hands. “For now you are going to help us in our endeavors” said Saphire “I have saved your life from them, they were going to execute you” whispered Saphire. “Thank you” I whispered.

We got into the car and traveled to the Northern Airfield where Task Force 2 should have been. They were not there and in their place was a lot of zombies intent on killing us. “You are going to go and act like you just crashed and have no clue what is happening, kind of what is going on now” Freeman told me. “Okay what would you like me to do, just stand there or maybe look in the buildings” I asked him. “Look in the buildings and take this” he handed me a headset which we could communicate to each other. He explained to me that the bandits are going to rob me instead of killing me and they would shoot them if this happened. My main objective was to act as bait.

I ran across the taxiway and then on to the runway, making sure to look around for anyone that might pose a threat but never to look back, if I did that I would be shot for giving away their location. I was calm as one could be in this situation but my nerves were still shaky. I was thinking back to what happened to Jamie and if he was still alive and how did these zombies come into existence. The smell of dead flesh lingered in the air and this was helped along by the nonexistent wind.

I could see the zombies limping about around the Air Traffic Control Tower, Fire Station and the various hangar’s. I crouched and then started to do a low run making sure I was as quiet as I could be and unseen as possible. I reached the barracks and then opened the front door. I then proceeded to open all the doors and pick-up the weapons and bring them outside so I could see what was here. “I see movement to the left of the barracks” said Freeman over the headset. “Okay what would you like me to do?” “Just keep getting the weapons out of the barracks, if he comes and starts to act hostile tell us by walking around in a circle or itch your head a couple times.” “Okay” I replied and went back to my task of taking the weapons out of the weapon racks and lockers. Some of the weapon locker’s required me to either pick the lock or use the butt of a rifle to break it open.

The crack of a AK-74 made me jump. I had been looking at a diary of some Russian soldier when the rifle came to life. The thud of the bullets hitting the back wall of the barracks made me duck. “Where is that coming from” I asked Freeman. “I see him he is just north of your position, he is shooting zombies inside Hangar 1, by the looks of it he is running out of ammo.” “Okay well I have almost all of the guns out of the barracks and placed them inside a tent so you guys can come take a look if you need any ammo or weapons.” “Okay well I am going to send Saphire to back you up, this might get serious and you are not bandit tested” he told me. “Okay tell me when he is coming and from where so I can make sure he is not captured” I replied to him.

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