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"IC story" in reports and responses

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To strengthen the RP of the server I'd like to suggest that it should be mandatory to also include the "IC story" in addition to "detailed description". I.e you have to back up your actions in storytelling that led to the incident, mandatory for both parties.

Because I've seen a lot of OOC situations in the reports section. For example no sane person would fire a gun in the middle of a zombie infested town at night just because a guy didn't drop his backpack. Or expect that a car speeding 80 km/h should stop because you're at the roadside barking like a dog (unless you RP as a person with extremely loud voice and low IQ, then it's fine as long you explain it).

If people knew they would have to explain their IC actions then I believe they would consequently RP situations more and better.

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I'm all for enforcing RP and strengthening its foundation and whilst this is an excellent idea, I fear it would increase the workload for GMs and also cause a new host of problems in people trying to discredit each others IC reasons/story for their actions.

Whilst this is a roleplay server with fairly new IC enforcement rules, a large part of this community are still incapable of roleplaying properly and staying IC. Many still exploit game mechanics, use OOC knowledge for IC advantage and still don't truly hold a roleplaying playstyle.

So yeah, I'm all for this idea, but I still feel alot of people (mostly those involved in reports regularly) won't adapt well to providing a credible IC reason for their actions as they're still not yet fully grasping the concept of roleplaying.

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Create a background story in the RP forum and link it in your profile.

There is no need to make reports any longer. They are only there for when something goes wrong. Let them deal with it objectively without any RP context. Otherwise anybody could justify any action from an role playing point of view.

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Let them deal with it objectively without any RP context. Otherwise anybody could justify any action from an role playing point of view.

This is kind of what I'm after actually, I'd like to see if people are able to justify their actions through RP. If their story goes OOC or meta then they are unfit to play on this server, because honestly a lot of people don't seem to understand what RP is.

This does not necessarily mean that admins will have more work, just an extra tool to give out OOC warnings if they choose to (although it's very subjective, I know). The real work is for the players sending reports and players responding, and maybe less people will send in KoS reports if they realize that they themselves played OOC.

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