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Server time (UTC): 2021-10-22 18:21

can anyone help?


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whitelisted etc, but cant join the server due to this error..


am i running an incorrect version?

dayZ, armaII and dayZcommander are all updated etc.. if anyone can shed any light on this i'd be proper grateful.

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  • Emerald

I had a similar error, (not sure if its the same) I first tried to start up Arma II (OA) and deselected everything but dayz and dayzrp.

after that i removed the DayZ folder from the documents and from install location (MAKE BACK UP!)

that seemed to do it for me. but as i said make a back up of your files or you might find yourself with having to reinstall dayz all over again...

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  • Server Manager

You have to update to 1.1.0, remember to remove old @DayZRP folder first.

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  • Emerald

^There's that of course :P

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