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Hero skin

Guest Marcus Williams

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Guest Marcus Williams

Has the Hero skin been removed or something? I'm at 6k humanity, and on the website it says I'm a hero, but when I log in-game, I don't get the hero skin. Any suggestons/help?

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I support removal of the hero skin. Never wore mine anyway.

I would much prefer to identify individuals and get to know them by reputation and experience than use the black / white, hero / bandit scheme. Too many bandits wore hero skins, and too many bandits were too cool to avoid playing with.

Keeping the hero skin in the donation shop is a good compromise.

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Not sure if the skin in the donation shop is exactly the same, but its a good compromise. A large variety of skins is a very welcome addition to an RP server, and having a reward skin that everyone can use kind of defeats that.

Besides, 6k humanity was ridiculously easy to achieve anyway. I don't mind the idea of unlockable skins in theory, but I'd rather see the +/- humanity required set higher/lower. Maybe 50k or something, so that you really have to earn it.

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